Overview of the properties of jade stone

✔️Scientific name: Nephrite, Jade

✔️Physical properties

Mohs Hardness: 6-6.5
Density: 2.90-3.02; usually 2.95.
✔️Optical properties

Refraction Index: 1,600-1,641
Optical effects; Chatoyancy

Absorption spectrum: nephrite has two faint absorption bands at 498 nm and 460 nm, and one absorption line at 509 nm, and some nephrites have double absorption lines at 689 nm.

✔️Crystal structure: Monoclinic, dense fibrous crystals

✔️Chemical formula: Ca2Mg5 (Si4O11) 2 (OH) 2 – CaFe5 (Si4O11) 2 (OH) 2

✔️Break: Split

✔️Formation: Iron metamorphic rocks and magnesium-rich rocks.

✔️Gloss: Resin, wax or glass luster

The color of Jade

Jade comes in a variety of colors but the most popular and loved is the emerald-like blue. The most valuable color of jade is fat white jade. It has a color like lamb fat and white, similar to the color of sheep’s cream, known as a very rare pearl neck.

Creamy white when rich in Mg. Blue, due to Fe. Brown (Fe oxidized), yellow, gray brown, dark green, black). Emperor black jade consists of the silicate minerals of sodium and aluminum.

Its bluish-white color contains tremolite mineral content which is usually around 98%.
Most of the jade products of the Qing Dynasty are made from jade mined in Xinjiang with the main colors being white jade, blue white jade.
Black jade: ink jade refers to jade with pure black, dark black, dark gray and black color. For example, Hetian black jade. Black Jade Emperor.

Raw jade mining

The jade mining area is mainly in Canada (British Columbia), this is the country with the most beautiful jade quality due to the harsh influence of the geographical layer. It is very difficult to mine jade in Canada. Winters are long and cold, so typically mining can only take place in the short summer, about 60 days a year.

The mining area has difficult terrain, must use a helicopter to move into the mine. Mining jade in Siberia (Russia)

Miners have to use hydraulic rigs to drill into Ngoc Bich mine to check the quality

✔️World distribution: Canada (British Columbia), accounting for 85% of world production, mainly sold to China, Australia (Cauville, Tasmania), Brazil, the United States (Wyoming, Alaska, California, Nanjiamei) , New Guinea, Mexico, Russia (near Siberian Baikal, also exported to China), Taiwan, Zimbabwe, etc.

Over the years, although the demand for jade in The Gioi has changed, the output of jade mines such as Canada, Russia, and Pakistan has not changed much. Canada exports about 400 tons of nephrite annually, which is relatively small compared with the annual export of 20,000 tons of jadeite marble in Myanmar. Over the past 10 years, about 90% of Jade West Canada’s products were sold to China, about 5% were sold to Taiwan, and 5% were sold to Vietnam and Thailand. Although the quantity is like that, most of jade stones are in bad quality, medium to good quality. In order to have beautiful and bright green jade, in addition to the rational knowledge of jade, the knowledge of buying and selling pearls, there is also an art and sometimes a spiritual element for traders who buy jade.

The millennium-old block of jade weighing 18 tons was discovered in 2000

Confusion between Nephrite Jade and Jade Jade

If you’ve spent some time researching about Nephrite Jade, you’ll find many documents equate Nephrite Jade with Marble. However, these are two completely different stones.

Jade jade (hard jade) has a chemical composition of NaAlSi2O6 or Na(Al, Fe3+)Si2O6. Meanwhile, Nephrite Jade (soft jade) is composed of Ca2(Mg,Fe)5Si8O22(OH)

Scientific name: Jadeite is also known as JADEITE JADE, instead of NEPHRITE JADE of PEACE

Jade Culture

For thousands of years, Chinese artisans have created incredible jewelry and artwork from a stone they call yu.

Jade is considered an important symbol associated with Chinese folklore.

Nephrite is mainly quarried in Hetian, Xinjiang, China, so it is also known as Hetian jade. In 2003 it was designated as the “national pearl of China.”

To showcase a proud jade culture, China inlaid jade into the medals used in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

This was a very successful effect that sparked worldwide interest in nephrite, fueling the nephrite mining boom in Canada and Russia in 2009 and 2010.

In China, Confucius stated that jade has five great virtues: justice, charity, wisdom, courage, purity, which may be why it is the first choice for gemstones. in this country.

Jade is the main jade material of ancient Chinese jade items.

Many jade artifacts were unearthed in the tombs of princes of the Han Dynasty.

In 1736, Emperor Qianlong ascended the throne. He considers jade culture to be an important part of Chinese culture. He attaches great importance to the collection and research of jade products.

This is the official seal of the world expo in Shanghai 2010. This seal was carved by master Zhang Tiecheng (Zhang Tiecheng), modeled after the jade seal used by the Qianlong Emperor.

The Palace Museum, established on the basis of the palace relics of the Ming and Qing dynasties excavated, has a substantial collection of jade antique items. Among them, more than 10,000 works were collected, crafted and used by Qianlong.


Why is Nephrite Jade so beautiful and enchanting?

Nephrite jade is considered a gemstone with the ability to fascinate people. It is the soothing blue color with the brightness, clarity, sophistication and strong bond that makes the product different.

Using this line to make bracelets, necklaces as well as many other feng shui items will help you become more luxurious and classy. On the other hand, it is the feng shui meanings Nephrite jade possesses that makes the jewelry from the above gemstone line more expensive.


  • Feng shui experts believe that owning Nephrite Jade is a way to help you strengthen your physical health and strengthen your health. This product line is not only suitable for women but also very suitable for men. Using items from the above gems will help you strengthen your inner strength to make it easier to succeed.
  • On the other hand, Jade is also a great choice to balance relationships around. This is because the color turquoise is representative of the element of Wood. This is the only element in the five elements capable of harmonizing and dissolving all the animosity and incompatibility of the remaining elements.
  • Not stopping there, Nephrite Jade can also circulate blood, support the treatment of cancer and many other chronic diseases.

Therefore, choosing to buy standard Nephrite Jade will help you both have a convenient life and own perfect and different jewelry to strengthen your level.


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