Most crystals have protective properties due to their calming and balancing properties that have a beneficial effect on our surroundings. However, Protection Crystals tend to do more and can strengthen your internal and external defenses by replenishing them with your energies.

Occultists and clairvoyants tell us that we all have an aura – a layer of energy surrounding the body that appears in various colors and layers. A clairvoyant can discern characteristics such as strength and spirituality in the aura. Although you may not realize it, a strong and vibrating aura can protect you against many things, because it is felt on a subconscious level to those who can cause harm, and also because: it repels negative energy in general while attracting positive energies. With its sympathetic vibrations your Protector Crystal can help strengthen your aura.

Often the most obvious threats are the easiest to deal with, while the latent ones can be very unpredictable. For example, it can be difficult to identify and confront someone who is draining your energy or weakening you. Your Protection Crystal can solve the problem where it started – at the energy level. However, it is important that you also take practical action to keep yourself safe.

For example, while Garnet protects from attack, your best defense is to stay away from dangerous neighborhoods. One of the most valuable gifts that the Crystal  Protects you is that it strengthens your intuition for safety.


Since ancient Babylon, Bloodstone has been credited with repelling enemies. Soldiers wore it to prevent wounds and stop bleeding, and even today it can be used to stop nosebleeds, no doubt simply because of its coolness and pressure. stone. If this is your choice then you may fear literal cuts, threats to your physical strength, or you may have to undergo a surgery.

Bloodstone blocks anything harmful and strengthens your ability to avoid danger by using your intelligence and common sense. Wearing Bloodstone protects your health. Keep it below the waist, for strength.

Bloodstone keeps you CONNECTED here and now, so you can CONNECT and BE EFFICIENT.


This is a great symbol of courage, protection in general from the negative and harmful influences of the past. It’s especially good for public speaking, a skill we’re often asked to master these days and one that many people shy away from. Carnelian is also believed to protect you against knowing your thoughts or against “being enchanted”. Carnelian protects the house against storms, wards off anger and bigotry, it also banishes fear of death. If you have chosen this crystal then you know that you need quite a bit of strength, confidence and vitality, but also to feel peace in harmony with the cycles of life.

Wear your Carnelian as a pendant for example as a pendant to see them as a constant source of PROMOTION and to show the fact that you are a POWER that needs careful consideration.


JADE Jade has many protective qualities. It is especially good for protecting the body from disease, and will also protect your plants if the four jewels are placed in the four corners of your garden, in exactly the four directions of the compass.

Because it brings wisdom, it prevents bad judgment and prevents you from being manipulated. In the same way, it prevents accidents.

The Chinese believe that jade prolongs life and they eat rice in jade bowls to absorb its benefits. If you have chosen Jade, you may feel that your best defense is to immerse yourself in the benefits of Nature, seek peace, take care of your body and go with the flow of nature. Jade heals the kidneys and bladder and can be worn on the belt, or anywhere in contact with the skin for maximum effect.

Jade brings BALANCE and attracts FRIENDS.


Jasper works on many levels to keep you safe.  It protects you from your own desires, which can lead to danger.  In ancient times, Jasper was believed to have a protective effect against poisoning and protect both mother and child during childbirth.  It repels all negativity, sending them back to the source.  If you have chosen this stone, you may feel the need to handle things, face conflict if you have to, and be true to yourself

asper helps you stand your ground and nurture yourself during difficult times.  Best of all, it helps you put your finger on what’s wrong before it goes out of proportion  and justice will be served.  Place it near the base of your spine to feel detoxified or wear as jewelry.

Red Jasper is a stone of HEALTH, strength and vitality, increasing BEAUTY and charm


This stone protects us from bad dreams and negative thoughts.  It also dispels illusions of all problems and eases sadness.  If you feel anxious about something, it can help calm you down and can also be effective for more serious mental disorders.  It has long been considered a talisman for travelers, preventing accidents and mishaps, it also protects our homes and families.

If you have chosen this stone, you may have been deceived by a certain person or situation – or deceived yourself.  On an instinctive level, you realize that and have come to chalcedony to erase this.  Or maybe you’re moving around a lot and facing uncertainty – chalcedony can give you encouragement, believe in yourself, and find joy in life. This stone also aids you in litigation.

Wearing Chalcedony on your body  such as a ring or bracelet to feel cared for and secure in life.


This is a very strong stone, with great endurance and energy.  If you have chosen this stone, you may be facing a specific challenge, physical or mental.  Garnet will protect and maintain your energy levels.  For generations, the Garnet   was said to ward off evil spirits and warn the wearer of approaching danger.

Garnet will strengthen your surrounding aura and if you visualize this, your “vibration” can frustrate an attacker.  Traditionally, Garnet has provided protection against thieves and it also has benefits for your health.  If you are feeling “there is no way out”, Garnet will help you find a path to follow, and make you a survivor.  Wear GARNET stone earrings to sense any approaching threat.

Wear garnets near your HEART to feel POWERFUL


Jet isn’t actually a crystal, but a fossilized wood.  It has been used for protection since the Stone Age.  Placed on a newborn baby’s belly, it will protect the baby.  Worn as an amulet, it protected travelers in foreign lands.  The Jet Stone is also a protective measure at the beginning of your inner journey such as visualization, and it is the protector of your health.

If you have chosen Jet, you can possess profound knowledge from many incarnations and realize that your best defense is the experience and wisdom of planet Earth.

Jet is a very receptive stone and is said to fuse with its owner’s body, so the Jet stone was prior to being possessed  should be thoroughly cleaned.  Wear Jet as a necklace for protection.

Jet REMOVES nightmares and all SOULs of Evil and DIGHT.


This stone of spiritual protection will strengthen your aura and preserve its energy.  It will protect you especially escape  from the thoughts of others, especially the  unconscious expectations and beliefs about you.

Labradorite will prevent these things from targeting you and destroying you.  If you have chosen labradorite, you may find that your main purpose is a spiritual one and you want to keep this out of contamination.  Labradorite will also help you resist impulses and distractions.  It repels all negativity, including your own when you start to become aware of it.

It can be worn as a necklace to your heart or can simply be kept with you for inspiration and balance.

Labradorite will   be a FIGHT PROTECT you during the CHANGE.

CHOICE The Stones That Protect Us

The following crystals have been selected for their protective qualities, but each works to strengthen your protective abilities and instincts in all areas.

You will need

Choose from rocks :malachite, labradorite, bloodstone, snowflake obsidian, garnet, chalcedony, lapis lazuli,  , onyx, jade, carnelian and red jasper.  Dark ribbons, candles;  lavender essential oil and a stick of incense (incense).

Fabric bag method

Simply place the crystals or their substitute in a cloth bag.  Close your eyes, be calm, and say clearly what you want to be protected.  Ask for instructions, put your hand in the pocket and take it out.

If your choice is not suitable.

Maybe you were worried about your baby, so your choice is Carnelian;  or your career is what matters, then Jet will be chosen. Trust your crystal – while it may seem like you’re making a choice, the truth may be the opposite.  So, using your “selected” crystal, adjust accordingly;  place Carnelian near your child’s bed as well as your own, Jet on your desk as well as on your fireplace.  Improve and combine until you’re sure where the real need lies.

Imagine Method

This method is an extension of the above method, but will give you the opportunity to penetrate the souls of crystals.  You can prepare a clean bath in which you sprinkle some lavender essential oil.  Turn on relaxing music to get you in the mood and light a pleasant incense.

Make sure you won’t be disturbed.  For this method, it is really necessary to have each crystal, at least in the form of a random tumble (tumble), laid out in front of you.  Prepare for the practice in the same way as the circle method on page 103, but before visualizing your fear, IMAGINE a soul rising from each crystal.  If your visualization is good, you can see them forming quite clearly and you may feel you can communicate with them.  Each crystal has a particularly strong and empathetic look and you may feel drawn to this.  If it’s not clear to you, visualize your fear as described above.  Now observe which spirit-crystal will fight and destroy your fear.

Circle Method

Arrange the ribbon in a circle on the floor with the crystals (or speakers) in a straight line, roughly tilted north of your circle (or south if you are). live in the southern hemisphere).  Light a candle to stand behind the crystals and you’re inside your safe circle.  Carry something that makes you feel safe, such as a photo of a friend or even a teddy bear you loved as a child.

Assert that you are safe, close your eyes and stay calm and steady.  Visualize your fear showing behind the candle, Even if it is something invisible, such as depression, give it a shape “you can or fail with the sound, smell or feel. Now ask yourself which crystal will dispel that fear. Visualize a  white laser beam hitting the fear and destroying it. The crystal that produced the white beam was this. Your Protection Crystal.


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