If people for Buddha

Construction of images

Carved into generals

All have become Buddhist.

Or use the seven treasures as

Brass, white copper, red copper

Aluminum with lead zinc

Iron, wood or clay

Or use glue linoleum,

Strictly making Buddha statues

People like that

They have all become Buddhists

Lecture summary:

If people are for Buddha, build images. Those who make offerings to the Buddha who made images, by carving them into signs, all the subtle signs of the Buddhas of the ten directions, have attained the Buddha Way. They have become Buddhist.

Or use the seven treasures; gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, mother-of-pearl, rosary, onyx, or brass, white bronze, red bronze; aluminum and lead zinc; iron, wood or clay; or use glue linoleum; make a Buddha statue. People like that; All have become Buddhist. Creating a Buddha image has eleven kinds of merit:

  1. Eternal life you have clear eyes see clearly.
  2. You are not born in an evil place. Friends and neighbors are all good people. You will not meet evil people or wild animals.
  3. You are always born in a wealthy family. Born into a rich family is revered.
  4. Your body is golden.
  5. You are rich in abundance.
  6. You were born in a gentle house.
  7. You can be born as a king. . Today there is no Emperor, but you can be President. That is also the same. Or if you absolutely want to be Emperor, you can find a monarchy and be born in that country.
  8. You can be a wheel-turning king. Being a Wheel-turning King is even higher than the President. As a wheel-turning king, if you practice, you can become a Buddha.
  9. You can be reborn in the Brahma heaven and live up to a lifetime. You can be the king of the gods.
  10. You will not fall into the evil path. Those who make Buddha images will not fall into hell, animals, hungry ghosts.
  11. Forever in the future, you will all respect the Three Jewels, take refuge in the Three Jewels, and do not fall.

Hearing these eleven merits of making Buddha statues, if we have the ability, we should create more Buddha statues. If you make a Buddha image, your appearance will be perfect. Why is the Buddha’s appearance so perfect? Because of the three great A Sangha kalpas, he created countless Buddha statues. In the first life, the Buddha met more than 75,000 Buddhas, in the second life, more than 76,000 Buddhas were met, and in the third life, more than 77,000 Buddhas were met. He met so many Buddhas, of course he created more Buddha statues than that number, Who can know how many Buddha statues he created? Therefore, his appearance was extraordinarily perfect. But when creating a Buddha image, we should not think, “I will make a Buddha and then I will be beautiful, and people will love me.” That is not a valid motivation. We should cultivate blessings and wisdom so that in the future we can become Buddhas. The creators of Buddha statues have all become Buddhas.


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