Malachite a Stone of Transformation

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral that is very closely related to azurite and both share the same chemical composition. While azurite is blue, malachite is green, and it is formed slowly when azurite reacts with oxygen in the air and steamy skin, leaving a more stable mineral.

Malachite occurs in many shades of green and when polished it exhibits all sorts of light and dark patterns on its surface, similar to agate and jasper. Similar to azurite, its hardness is 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale, which means it is not a very durable stone for jewelry, although many people love it for beads and necklaces. will always be in high demand as jewelry stones. Note: It is best to use only polished malachite for jewelry or for regular handling as there is a small risk that it may leak copper.

Malachite occurs in many shades of green

Malachite is known in metaphysical circles as a stone of transformation. Looking at the physical properties, it is probably interpreted as a stone with this property, being a derivative mineral obtained from the transformation of azurite. However, users of the gem believe it actually has a gentle way to gradually change a version into a better version of oneself over time, simply by working quietly in the background. heart. It helps people to look within themselves and acknowledge the emotional, causal reasons behind disorders, thus assisting in their release, facilitating healing.

Malachite is known in metaphysical circles as a stone of transformation

Malachite is particularly helpful for the middle heart chakra (Chakra 4), and as such, has a balancing effect on the remaining chakras. It is believed that malachite represents love, loyalty, and friendship, while being considered a lucky stone for business endeavors. Malachite encourages people to accept responsibility for their actions and stimulates instinctive and intuitive reasoning. Those who work in heavy duty jobs (such as pilots) may find malachite a suitable support and protection stone.


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