Since ancient times, jade has been favored in the East and West as the stone of the emperor and the treasure of the royal family. But few people have carefully learned about the value and meaning of this type of jade when the market is flooded with fake and artificial stones. If you are planning to buy or are about to buy Nephrite Jade, let’s learn about this Jade. Thereby avoiding the case of losing money using poor quality products!

Value of Ngoc Bich

“Gold has a price but jade is priceless”

Since ancient times in China, about 3000 BC, jade stone has become the symbol of “Jade” of the “royalty” symbolizing nobility and nobility, so it is often used by kings to assert their power. power and class. It is also considered a sacred object that unites the worlds of the living and the dead. Besides, this stone also shows 5 virtues: Generosity, Honesty, Wisdom, Integrity and Courage according to Xu Shen “Theory of Literature” in the Eastern Han Dynasty.

Structure of Jade Stone

– Nephrite jade is formed by silicate minerals including: Calcium Magnesium Silicate, Tremolite-Actinolite. With the chemical formula: Ca2 (Mg, Fe)5 Si8022 (0H)2

– Crystal structure: Monoclinnic, mixed synthetic fibers;

– Hardness: 6 – 6.5 Mohs (Mohs the highest hardness scale is 10), For Jadeite marble has a hardness of 6.5 – 7 Mohs

– Refractive index: 1,600 to 1.627

– Density/specific gravity: 2.98-3.3 g/cm3.

– Properties: Translucent to clear

Extraction and distribution

Nephrite jade is best known in Myanmar (Burmese jade) and was introduced to China in the 14th century. When jade in China was almost exhausted, Nephrite is currently quarried in China in the Xinjiang region with a special cold blue color. In fact, the most valuable jade green is concentrated in Northern Canada (British Columbia), Siberia (Russia). 75% of the world’s reserves come from the mines of British Columbia and quantities in Taiwan, the United States, Australia Central Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan…


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