Physical healing properties:

Jade is a powerful and extremely powerful cleansing stone which means it can go straight to work helping the organs heal from toxins. It is known to help the kidneys, bladder, spleen and balance the fluid system in the body. Along with all that, Jade is also popular for helping people fight infections, its cooling touch helps with fever, and it is often used to encourage the body to heal itself effectively. For those who are facing sexual problems, Jade can also help them to enhance this ability.

Mental and emotional healing properties:

Jade is extremely intuitive when it comes to mental and emotional health. This stone nudges negative thought patterns, grants you the courage and wisdom to take the advice of your own sage and is all about enhancing self-sufficiency so you feel fulfilled. allowed and proud to stand on his own two feet. Self-reliance is extremely important when it comes to boosting self-esteem, going through the world with a great sense of confidence, and keeping your soul nourished. In essence, jade is associated with ideas of purity and this does not mean living without darkness, but with clarity and a calm mind to embrace all angles of self. Ngoc Bich wants you to fall in love with yourself and easily put you into familiar acceptance patterns so that you can stay.

How to clean jade:

Clearing the energy your crystal collects is a great way to ensure that your Jade stays on top of the game. While Jade is not something to cling to negative vibrations, caring for your stone is sometimes more than a purposeful giving of love and energy. Jade is a relatively smooth and hard stone and will not be cleaned with a little warm soapy water and even a soft-bristled toothbrush for those who want a deep clean. Always make sure you dry Jade properly with a soft cloth to help it retain its beautiful shine.

If you want to charge your Gem and give it a fresh burst of energy then you can do so by letting it soak in spring water for a few minutes or taking a moment to meditate with your Gem and fill it up. Fill it with pure intention.


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