you should not choose the color

If you buy jade or other precious stones, you should not choose the color.
Why? Do nothing have color? 🙂
In the usual way:
If it is said that the green jade is Wood, is it that Ngoc Ko is not Tho? Through manufacturing, the grinding machine is so hot that it’s not a fire, what is it? Only water can make jade, so Thuy added. There are minerals in the rock, so it’s Kim. Jade stone has the ability to change color over time, there is life, so it is also hidden Wood. In the rock has green moss, so it is also Moc.
Kim – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth is full, hidden in each Gem.
So when buying Jade, just look for the ones that don’t look like you want to come back to you. That is the CELEBRATE, or in other words You have been Chosen.
That’s how the treasures find you!
Think about it, just considering the color to represent the Onion, isn’t it too short-sighted? The element is MEMBER – MOOC – WATER – HOA – EARTH belonging to the five elements that make up the universe of all things, according to the Chinese or the Indians, they use NGUYEN as LAND – WATER – WIND – FIRE – NO to express the basic elements. . This is related to the universe of things, not the naked eye you or I see like this color goes with the other. Red means FIRE? If the water is red like wine, is it a FIRE? and yellow water like beer is considered EARTH?


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