A King of Heaven came to meet the Buddha in a Brahmin incarnation, with a radiant face and a snow-white outfit. The King of Heaven asked many questions to which the Buddha answered is recorded as follows.

The King of Heaven asked: – The World-Honored One! 1/ Which sword is sharpest? 2/ Which poison is the most destructive? 3/ Which fire is the most intense? 4/ What is the darkest night?

The Buddha replied: 1/ Speech in anger is the sharpest sword 2/ Desire is the most deadly poison 3/ Passion is the fiercest fire 4/ Ignorance is the darkest darkness.

The King of Heaven asked again: – World-Honored One! 5/ Who benefits the most? 6/ Who is the most disadvantaged? What armor cannot be penetrated? 8/ Which weapon is the most dangerous?

The Buddha replied:5/ The person who benefits the most is the one who gives a lot, but does not see what he has given. The person who suffers the most is the one who only knows how to receive greedily without any gratitude. 7/ Patience is impenetrable armor. Intellect is the most powerful weapon.

The King of Heaven asked: – Venerable World-Honored One! 9/ Who is the most dangerous thief? 10/ What is the most precious treasure? 11/ Who has succeeded in taking possession by force not only in this world, but also in heaven? 12/ Where is the safest place to keep the treasure?

The Buddha replied: 9/ Evil thoughts are the most dangerous thieves. 10/ Virtue is the most precious treasure. 11/ The human mind occupies everything not only in this world, but also in the heavenly world. 12/ The Unborn Land is the safest place for treasure.

The King of Heaven continued to ask: – Venerable World-Honored One! 13/ What is attractive? 14/ What is disgusting? 15/ Which pain is most consistent? 16/ What is the greatest joy?

The Buddha replied: 13/ Good is attractive. 14/ Evil is abominable. 15/ A tormented conscience is the most pressing pain. 16/ Liberation is the greatest joy.

The King of Heaven continued to ask: – Dear World-Honored One! 17/ What causes destruction in the world? 18/ What makes friendship broken? 19/ Which fever is the most intense? 20/ Who is the best physician?

The Buddha replied: 17/ Darkness and ignorance cause havoc in the world.18/ Jealousy and selfishness break friendships. 19/ Hatred is the strongest fever20/ and the Dharma Teacher is the best physician.

The King of Heaven asked the last question: – The World-Honored One! Now I only have one question, please answer the Blessed One. What can’t be burned by fire, not eroded by water, not broken by wind, that can change the world

The World-Honored One replied: – It is a blessing: No fire, no water, no wind can destroy the merit of a good deed, and those merits have the power to reform the whole world. Namo Sakya Muni Buddha! Buddha’s Teaching-ST-


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